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Consuming Kids

As I watched this film, “Consuming Kids” I realized how very true this is. Kids are the world’s largest consumers by default. With advertisements pushed at them from every angle kids see the products as the hottest new thing out on the market, till the next advertisement comes out a day later.

The kids are targeted each day while watching television with the commercials that are shown in between their programs all they ever are hearing is “buy this, buy this, everyone is going to have it!”

Kids these days are very spoiled they can get what they want and want even more than that. The kids are growing up much earlier with getting things that they shouldn’t be getting till there teens. As I walk through the mall you see these little girls hold purses. Look at Suri Cruise, with each outfit the little girl has a different purse to match another one of her adorable outfits. But what does a 5 year old have to put in a purse? In that purse is usually there little flip phone, with lipsticks. Where are they getting this from though? Why do they need a cell phone at such a young age? The cell phone is probably the biggest thing with the younger age. They feel that because either there “mommy or daddy, older sibling” has one that they are obligated to have one as well. How can the parent then say no if everyone else has one?

Parents are also big problem. To quite there child they buy them products as a reward. Parents will reward there child with things when they do something right. To buy a child’s love is not right. Even going to the super market with a child is advertising for the child not just a chore. Between buying regular Kraft Mac and cheese and Spongebob Mac and cheese there is a big difference. For the child eating Spongebob Mac and cheese is 10x better than regular. But why do they think this? They both taste exactly the same. For kids it’s the characters and the product that makes it different. There is noexplanation on why this kind of food is better to them.

Kids have become the biggest consumers. They are the ones being influenced the most. The advertisements with products surround the kids in everyday life. They are the coolest things out there and with one new product come the next and the next. Each day something new will come out, with a new advertisement, wit ha new consumer.


For an ad to be unethical or offensive is unacceptable. Advertising it is something that should get your attention. However, that attention should be in a positive light. Unethical and offensive advertising is a disgrace to our industry. That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I came across the new PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. The beloved late actress, Golden Girl, Bea Arthur (1922-2009) was staring me right in my face telling me that “she is going to roll over in her grave” over McDonald’s chicken. This is going way too far!

To Whom It May Concern At The PETA Organization:

I am writing to you regarding your newest PETA advertisement showing our beloved and respected Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur will forever be best known as the lovely and eccentric Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak on Golden Girls. However, she also was a lover of animals and an advocate of PETA

Bea Arthur before she passed away had left money for the animal rights organization in her will.  I understand that PETA decided to use Bea Arthur’s gift to mount a campaign against McDonald’s factory-farming practices.  I understand that you stated that “We’re using it to pressure McDonald’s to switch to a less violent, USDA-approved chicken-slaughter method,” and that the ad reads. “With this new system, millions of birds would be spared broken legs and wings and being scaled to death in defeathering tanks.”

What I don’t understand it taking Bea Arthur’s money and making a gimmick out of her death to influence the public. To hear that she would be “rolling over in her grave” to prove a point is disgraceful and disrespectful. Bea Arthur left PETA money because she believed in your organization. She respected you. PETA believes in not being cruel to animals. How could you be so cruel to Bea Arthur? PETA should have known better and put something in their ad that was “classy” like she was. Bea Arthur will forever be a great name in the media and in society. To see her in the type of advertisement in clearly unethical and offensive!


Allison Wachtel

In conclusion, I am not saying that PETA and all their advertisements are offensive and unethical. I actually believe that the type of ads they usually do are very ethical and really show the cruelty to animals that people like Bea Arthur are so against. This is why many stars endorse PETA, which really does catch the public’s attention. But to use Bea Arthur’s death to promote “McCruelty” was just wrong. The ad agency needs to do what’s right for their company but this time they did not do what was ethical and they went too far. Even Perez Hilton, the queen bee of gossip finds this ad insulting. If that’s not telling you that this ad is wrong I don’t know what is?

Jon and Kate: Take 2

Kate and Jon Gosselin have been portrayed recently as the “Worst Parents of the Year.” With Kate being known as the “Absentee parent” due to Dancing With the Stars (Kicked off Week 5) and Jon being off at bars flirting with the new girl of the week. The Gosselin couple has become a Public Relations nightmare. The most important question is and will always be, how will this affect their eight children? When the hit TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8 ended due to the ugly separation of Jon and Kate it all “hit rock bottom.”

Now say I was a Public Relations professional and I wanted to create a campaign to restore the “disastrous duos reputation” into the once beloved couple and amazing parents they used to be. You may think impossible. But I think anything can be done if you work hard (very hard in this case) and have a plan. To reverse the absentee mom and the bar hopping dad’s reputation, I would try and have the paparazzi catch them both acting like parents. Not such a novel idea, but obviously not something Jon and Kate have been doing on their own. In this case, both Jon and Kate would have to be committed to this or it wouldn’t work. They would also have to stop going on reality shows, doing interviews and going to bars. They would have to go back to being parents.  Jon and/or Kate separately and together would need to be caught /or have it “leaked” that they were doing fun and appropriate activities with their children. These activities don’t have tobeanything special. They can be simply playing in their yard, going for ice cream even going grocery shopping. As long as the activity is seen as wholesome and happy it is a “win – win” situation. The children win and Jon and Kate’s reputation improves.

By using the PRSA Ethics Code, which includes, truth, accuracy, fairness, and responsibility to the public you demonstrate that Jon and Kate are both being there for their kids. You show that they are not off doing something crazy. The strategies that I would use to meet this goal of both parents being with their kids, is making sure the public can finally see the Gosselin parents caring about the bringing up of their 9 year old twins and their 5 year old sextuplets.  I would need to send the family out into the public eye just to show how well they can do when they are not dancing on the ballroom floor or grinding it up in a bar.

Unfortunately, with all of the best intention this campaign plan can still backfire. First of all we are already dealing with a “broken family.” Therefore, there is an increased risk of a mistake or a slip up. The slip up can be on purpose (to set their spouse up) or purely accidental (human nature).  If Kate goes into a store and the media catches her screaming or demanding her children to do something or go somewhere the media will not take that for just a little slip up. The next time you go into the supermarket Star and/or The Enquirer is going to have the newest headline reading “Kate Gosselin: Couldn’t Control Her Husband, She’s Moved on to Her Kids?” Next if Jon takes a step into a bar or dinner with a “lady” friend. The image of the two parents and the family is the ruined. This could be an easy fix or a Public Relation Disaster.

The bottom line is that Jon and Kate Gosselin just need to learn to be there for their children. They need to put their own agendas aside. They need to be home to take care and watch their 8 beautiful children grow up. It is not enough to say you care if you are never there for them. With their parents always in the spotlight these eight children are going to need some serious help if this insanity doesn’t stop! You can try and try again to make them look good. HOWEVER, they have to learn to do what is right at all times not only when it makes them look good. Only then will they be on the right track back to a “normal” family life for them and their children. Jon and Kate…now we just have to wait.

Spot the Product Placement in “He’s Just Not That Into You”

In the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”  (2009) there is a product placement that is hard to miss. If you don’t know what product placement is, it is “the appearance of a product or service in a broadcast program or movie, paid for by the manufacturer to gain exposure for the product or service” (dictionary.com). In the film “He’s Just Not That Into You,” the cigarette brand, “American Spirit” is used multiple times. Also online dating with the site “MySpace.com” is used in one scenario. If you didn’t realize it, think back and I am sure you will remember.

“He’s Just Not That Into You” depicts the lives of 5 women as it follows them through their love lives. Each woman is looking for love but has different obstacles and a different perspective on love.

One woman, Janine, thinks she is happily married. Only to find out that her husband Ben finds his marriage a punishment.  Ben ends up cheating on Janine with another woman, Anna. He eventually tells Janine and she initially chooses to forgive him. However, Ben continues to cheat with Anna and by the end of the movie Janine chooses to divorce him. It was interesting that it was not only the cheating but it was mostly because he lied about not smoking. When Janine finds the “American Spirit Cigarettes” she decides that she is done for good. In the end Janine leaves Ben by himself, with his cigarettes and his beer.

Another woman Beth, appears to be stuck in a relationship for more than 7 years. Her boyfriend Neil doesn’t see marriage as important like Beth does. Beth decides that she cannot stay in a relationship if she is not going to get married. So they break up. But when the couple realizes their lives are nothing without one another, Beth chooses to take Neil back. In this relationship, Ben decided to put his own feelings aside and do what would make Beth whom he loved happy. He chose to propose.

Another woman, Mary, chose online dating as her source to find the right guy. She tries to use technology to get into a man’s heart, which is never the way to go. She says,

“I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my Blackberry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting” – He’s Just Not That Into You.

By the end of the movie Mary realizes that this isn’t the way to go. She decides that “MySpace” is not the way to find the guy of her dreams. She then realizes that the guy she had longed for was one of her clients, Connor. Connor was trying to find the women of his dream and by the end of the movie they end up falling in love. Mary and Conner got exactly what they wanted…. Love.

The last woman named Gigi only wants a guy to recognize and appreciate her. She doesn’t understand men and the mixed signals she gets. She tries to do everything in her power to find the right guy.  Through out the movie Gigi and her new “friend” Alex have a” just friends” relationship. Alex believe he knows all the ins and out of dating. Alex decides to mentor Gigi on how to attract a guy. They realize as the mentoring goes on that they are perfect for one another. In the end, all of these women just needed to figure out who they are and what they wanted out of life and love before they committed to a relationship.

There is one product placement in this movie that stands out from all the rest. This product was The American Spirit Cigarettes. Ben and Janine’s relationship fell apart. Who would believe that cheating wasn’t the big problem. He was also lying about smoking cigarettes (American Spirit Cigarettes). Janine gave Ben many opportunities to tell her that he hadn’t quit. The cigarettes in the end were a strong reason for the separation. The product placement and the product can be easily noticed by the audience because of the amount of times it was mentioned and seen throughout the movie. The cigarettes were presented in a negative light but they were presented over and over again.  There were numerous shots of Natural American Spirit Lights, easily identifiable by their bright yellow box. These were used as a negative in a movie just to show one worse thing that the husband Ben was doing to his wife Janine. To Ben who thought marriage was a punishment, it gave him one more opportunity to get himself away from what he called a “funeral.” Although cigarettes were shown to be worse than cheating on your wife, it still gave the product a lot of on-screen time.

Another product placement that was put into the movie was MySpace.com. The character, Mary, used MySpace. She used the site as a way to find the right guy for her. MySpace was shown as a dating site as well as a social networking tool. However, her friends told her that MySpace is not the place to be looking for men. Moreover, her closest friends told her that it might be a “Sleazy” platform to meet people in. As the movie ends, Mary closes her MySpace account, an act that gave her utmost liberation and freedom. This placement is easy to remember because before Facebook was around, MySpace was the network of choice. In Middle School I even had a MySpace. It was the coolest thing around and the new way to get in touch with your friends. Hearing the name MySpace years later rings a bell. It is fun to remember what life was like when you had your very own MySpace.

The “American Spirit Cigarettes” and “MySpace” played a role as much as the characters did in this movie. Both of these products were identifiable and easy to remember. Though they both were not put in a good light it was a way to get their name out into the public. “He’s Just Not That Into You” is a great movie with many memorable things for the public eye to see.

“Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up: if a boy punches you he likes you, never try to trim your own bangs, and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, every story we’re told implores us to wait for it: the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. but sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. How to tell the ones who want us from the ones who don’t, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. and maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is just moving on. or maybe the happy ending is this: knowing after all the unreturned phone calls and broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment… you never gave up hope.” – He’s Just Not That Into You

There’s Nothing Like a Second Chance – “The Last Song”

There is nothing like reading a book while your feet are in the sand and the background noises are the waves hitting the shore. While sitting under the Aruba sun over winter break 2009, I read the heart wrenching dramatic romance Nicholas Sparks’ novel, “The Last Song” as my heart melted. As the story unfolded, I thought about my own life as it related to the story. The novel was about a girl who got a second chance and a romance all in one book. What could be better?

This fiction novel first came to my attention while I was reading another Nicholas Sparks book, “Dear John.” I was totally enjoying this book and wanted to read another book by the same author, while I went on vacation. I seem to like romance novels that also teach you a lesson. Therefore, when I went to Barnes and Noble, I went to the Nicholas Sparks’ section and “the Last Song” (the newest of his books) caught my eye. While looking through the book I saw a statement the intrigued me. “You have to love something before you can hate it.” – Nicholas Sparks. I was sold on the book and off to Aruba I went.

Now that I have told you that the one and only Nicholas Sparks’ wrote this amazing book, I also must remind you that he is the same author who wrote the infamous novel and tearjerker “The Notebook.” I know that you must want to know what this story is about and if it is a tearjerker too. I will tell you some of the storyline, but I promise not to ruin the ending. The story opens up with a young girl named Ronnie who was being dragged by her mother to spend the summer in North Carolina. She was going with her younger brother to visit their dad whom she hadn’t seen or spoken to in three years (when he left/divorced them). When she got to North Carolina, Ronnie was very unhappy until she accidentally bumped into a “Beach Babe” named Will. Will was definitely NOT Ronnie’s type until she realized that they had similar interests and that Will had a kind heart. The two of them fell in love. In the meantime Ronnie still resented being forced to be with her dad who had walked out on her, her mom and her brother.. But when she learns that her father is sick with cancer she realizes how much she loves him and how much she missed him. She gets a second chance and learns to love the father who had left her and who she is close to losing again. (If you want to learn more go get the book or it is now a 3 star movie in theatres.)

I can’t say that I have ever been close to someone who has been close to dying and needed to fix the relationship before they died. However, I was lucky enough to get a second chance to fix a friendship. You don’t always get a second chance. If you do, I would take the opportunity and run.  I have learned that family and friendships are too important. You can’t waste love or a friendship on one silly thing. “Truth only means something when it’s hard to admit.” – Nicholas Sparks. Therefore, if you have someone you got into a tiff with, call/text them, email them, instant message them. You never knowwhat could happen because in a blink of an eye they could be gone. You might never get that second chance.

The Nicholas Sparks’ “The Last Song” has impacted my own life in the way that it made me think of the people who I haven’t spoken to in a while.  I realized I need to get in touch with them. I have realized that you cannot take anything for granted. You need to learn to love and realize what is important in life. Don’t give up a second chance with something or someone because you’re too busy with something else. Take what you have and appreciate it. “Sometimes you have to be a part from people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more.” – Nicholas Sparks (The Last Song).

Body Image and The Media

Images of beautiful woman and men are everywhere. Turn on your television, go to the movies, read a magazines and just look up on billboards. There is nowhere to hide. Popular television and movie actresses are younger, taller and thinner than ever. Popular actors are muscular and trim. In the media, young girls and boys see people of all shapes and sizes. But the thinner girls and the more muscular guys are always the most popular. We are all being influenced by what you see.

When a person sees people looking at them it affects that person’s own body image and self-confidence. The number of real life women and girls who are underweight and suffer from eating disorders continues to rise. Studies have shown that one in seven young girls have an eating disorder. So just think about your college class, where there are at least 30 teens in one classroom, if half the class is girls than that could mean that two young girls might have some sort of eating disorder.

Advertisements are always showing how and what you can do to be beautiful. There is no such thing as the “perfect ” man or woman. But even so people don’t see it that way. We forget that behind the ads and the “beautiful people” is a computer screen touching up and editing what that person on the cover of “Glamour” looks like. The advertisement companies don’t realize how much their ads may be hurting a person’s body image. Everyone wants to be a “Cover Girl”.

Body image starts at a very young age. Young girls are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. Make-up is worn at such a young age. The skinnier you are the better. Not only is there a size 0, now there is a double 0. Teenagers seem to be the most vulnerable. The effect that the media has on women of all ages is astounding. I have heard of young girls who have starved themselves, taken laxatives, and or force themselves to throw-up to make themselves skinner. The media is a very powerful tool and is affecting the body image of many young men and woman. No one should be told what to look like. That skinny is good and being “average” is bad.

We all have a certain body type and we should not have to change our body to please someone else. The pressure the media has put on woman to look like a “Top Model” can be unhealthy and dangerous. As a result, many women go through surgeries to change what their appearance is. Medical procedures including liposuction, implants, botox, and other body cosmetic related surgeries such as a tummy tuck, as well as weight loss pills, are as common as taking a vitamin. The long-term side affects of some of these procedure and drugs are still unknown, yet people will do anything to make themselves more beautiful.

No one should be pressured to look perfect. Besides what is considered perfect? The danger of “perfect” is when women try to reach for something impossible to obtain. Even though women appear to be affected by the media more than men, men are starting to feel the pressure of body image as well. Do people look at you differently if you are curvy rather than skinny? Has media has made you feel this way?  Hopefully, the media can learn that it is hurting a whole generation of woman. We should all look at ourselves and pick out our beauty not our flaws.

Generation WHY?

Social networking sites have affected each and every one of us. We are either i-chating with our friends, on Facebook trying to see who is doing what, or we are on twitter “stalking” our favorite celebrities. We are known as Generation Y. But why?

Generation Y also known as the Millennial Generation is all about social networking. We care more about what others are doing than ourselves. I don’t know about you, but when I am doing my homework, the computer is usually open with to a certain social networking site open. When I am checking my Facebook for example, I may say I am just checking it, but you end up being on the site. Just a quick check turns into big time procrastination.

In addition, communication between people has started becoming more technological rather than personal. People are even using “computer talk” in their everyday conversations, such as LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (oh my god), TTYL (talk to you later), and many others. The lingo that is being used to text is now the words that teens understand the most.

The article that I read “Facebook: Good or Bad for Communication” looked at both the positive and negative impact of Facebook. It was interesting to read that Facebook was originally created to improve personal communication. Facebook can have a positive impact in a person’s life. For example, this is true for those people who are separated from their family and friends, those people who are in the armed forces and those people with disabilities who don’t do well with face-to-face contact. Facebook/social networking also helps people who have similar interests share information. However, Facebook does have a negative side. A person’s social development can be negatively affected if there is no face-to-face contact. Social networking does not allow for understanding body language and learning to interpret all types of non-verbal communication. In conclusion, the article states that using social networking in moderation can be a good thing. That if used correctly and not relied on exclusively for communication social networking sites can bring people together and maintain friendships.

I believe that the Millennial generation enjoys the computer and social networking because that is what they are used to. I think that as a generation we still want face-to-face contact but like the speed of the information that can be obtained on line. I believe that our generation has more friends and communicates with them more frequently because there are so many options. We can “instant message”, “text message”, “I-chat”, “Facebook” “twitter’ etc. We can stay in touch no matter where we are. I also believe that some of the Millennial generation is out of control and doesn’t know how to use social networking in moderation. Some of the millennial generation doesn’t not know how to verbally communicate.  Ironically, I noticed the other day, one of the nicest days we’ve had in a long time (March 9, 2010) not many people were even outside. I thought to myself where are all these people? Then I realized that many people would rather be sitting inside on their computers seeing what others are doing than enjoying a nice day outside in the “real world.” I had to ask myself  “whY”?

“Happily Ever After…”

Thinking back to my childhood it makes me smile when I think about all of the Disney movies that I watched.  Believe it or not I remember thinking to myself “I want to be a princess, just like Cinderella”. As a parent one does not realize how a Disney movie can impact their child’s life. All parents think about is that they are allowing their child to share in the “Disney” experience and watch a movie they should really enjoy. The special thing about Disney movies is that “Disney videos promote positive social messages by showing children the importance of honesty, trust, loyalty, fairness and friendship.” Disney movies are shown to children because it will show them that there is both good and bad in life. Children can learn life long lessons that can carry them throughout their lives.

But what parents do not think about is that Disney movies can have an impact on a child’s life as well. Watching movies with the Disney princesses’ children think that this is what I want to be or that is what I want to become. This type of attitude can turn your daughter into a little “princess.”  Especially when your “little princess” wants all of the books, dolls, games, dress-up clothes etc. Disney movies may capture your child’s heart, but over commercialism can capture both the child and the parents. Each new movie comes with a whole new set of toys that each child “must have”.  With television, printed media, advertising and marketing what chance does a family have to not “buy” into all of the merchandising.

When you look back an each of the Disney movies they all seem to have a common theme. From The Little Mermaid (1989) to Cars (2006) the concept of these movies has not changed over the years. Each movie shows a problem and then a solution. It can teach children that they can get through anything if they just work hard at it. I definitely think that these types of movies can change that way a child sees the world.  In addition, all of the Disney movies including the  “princess” movies all have a villain and all have a hero.  I never understood why these movies had to have villains and neither did my parents.  The villain is scary and terrifies the princess. Snow White had The Queen with the Poison Apple, Belle had the Beast, Cinderella had her Stepmother and her stepsisters and Ariel the Mermaid had Ursula. How scary for a young child. The good news is that there is usually a handsome prince that rescues each princess and they fall in love. This message can distort the way a child looks at life and love. Children may grow up thinking that there is always a “Prince Charming” around the corner who will save them and fall in love with them. Just watch the television show  “The Bachelor” all of those women are still looking for their “Prince Charming”. Unfortunately, this is not the way life and love works for most of us. There is not always a “happily ever after”.

I loved all the Disney movies and the music, the characters, and ALL the TOYS that went along with each movie. Growing up with Disney movies was wonderful. Disney movies will never get old or go out of style. Disney movies have and always will be able to influence our children and us for a many more lifetimes.  Unfortunately, we need to learn the difference between fantasy and the real world. However, it is fun to be a child and believe in the “happily ever after”.


Utopian Vision:

Life in the year of 2035, and the world as we see it right now will be completely different. Say “Goodbye” to cars on the ground, talking via cell phone or dare I say it but, “Facebook.” Communications as we now know it will be all taken over by newer and better technology. This will be a dream come true… The world in 2035 as I see it is going to have so much more technology then we have now. Adults don’t always understand why their teens need a blackberry or go on Facebook 24/7. It is because “technology” pulls us in and because we need to communicate.

Many people believe that by the year 2035 that we are going to have cars that fly. No more traffic jams! Cars may be hybrid and/or run on hydrogen energy or solar energy. No more getting lost or asking for directions…. You will be able to give a destination and tell the car where to go and it will get you there. Now we have televisions with DVD players and radios in the car to occupy the children. Who knows what cars will have in 2035?

Texting” as well as phone calls on a cell phone are also going to change. In 2035 everyone will have a cell phone. Cell phones will be inexpensive and affordable. You will have so many applications on your phone that no matter where you are you will be able to contact people and get the information you need. People are going to have things such as visual communication on their phones. This way you can see the person who is either talking or texting you. In addition, you will be able to talk to multiple people at a time allowing you to keep in touch with anyone in the world. Phone conference call will be so high tech that you will feel that all parties are present in the same room when they could be worlds apart.

In the year 2035, technology and computers will be so advanced that you will not have to leave you home. You could work from home, go to school from home, shop from home, and talk to friends and family from home. All of our access to the world can come through the computer. You won’t need to go out and get a newspaper. In addition, Facebook along with all the other social networking sites are going to start to explode. Social Networking systems are going to get so intense that the ones we have now aren’t even going to compare. I believe that we are going to have social networking sites that include everything  you can imagine and even more, like video chatting, the colors, anything you can think of. All ready we have a social networking site, “Second Life.” This site is where a person like you or me can go on a make an avatar of our own self. It is the site of the future. It is a 3D world where you can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat. If you think this is cool, what is the future going to bring?

In addition our homes will be “state of the art.” People will not have to cook, clean, etc. Don’t think maids are going to be around in 2035, but it is all going to be technology advanced. Our washer and dryers are going to be put into one. Our cooking is going to be one push of a button. How simple. No work and ALL play. “Smart Homes” is the best new thing. No more worrying if you turned off the lights or unplugged your hair straightener. With a click online you can turn off/on anything. “Smart homes connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.”

I also believe the world will be more peaceful and calm. Communication will be easier and less expensive. I believe that the technological advances in 2035 will allow nations to communicate more easily because people will be more accessible. People will not be rushing to meetings and feeling stressed because they will be able to communicate and get information much with a touch of a button or switch.

People think that today’s technology is the best. But we are not even close to where technology is going to be in the future. Technology is just going to expand mass communication. People will be able to know everything and anything about everyone. Technology will be the mandated. You will not be able to survive without it. Just like in the cartoon The Jetsons (1962-1963), who lived a futuristic utopia in the year 2062, we may have cars that fly, televisions that allow you to communicate and robots like Rosie that clean your house. It appears that there is no end in sight of where technology is going to take us. Is this good technology or not? Who knows till we get there and see it ourselves?

Dystopian Vision:

In the world 2035, technology will be completely different compared to what I think may happen in the Utopian vision where everything is going well. People may think that all this technology is just way too much. I really think that this may be the end of the world as we know it today. I don’t think people will even leave their homes, because they won’t have to. I don’t think that people will be able to think because they won’t have to. I truly don’t think that people will have relationships and communicate, because they won’t know how too. How sad…

In the year 2035, you won’t have to leave your home. Your home will have all your needs taken care of. You can order your food and clothing online so you don’t have to go shopping. Your kitchen can cook for you and your washing machine/dryer can do your laundry. Children will go to school at home and learn everything they need to know via the computer. Sounds good to you but not to me. Yes, learning math, science, history wasn’t wonderful but what made school so much fun was the friendships that I made. Children will not learn how to verbally communicate and socially interact with their peers. They won’t even know how to play! In addition, what is worse is that their writing skills will be non-existent. Because of text-speak (i.e. lol, omg, gr8, ttyl) children in 2035 will not even know how to write a grammatically correct sentence. Children will not know how to handle day-to-day life without technology. Even in 2010, people cannot even do simple math without the use of a calculator because technology has made it too easy for us. People have gotten lazy. They will use their phone or their computer to text or email someone who is in the next office or in another room at home. Being obese may be a concern, because won’t need to move.

I also believe that in 2035 print media will no longer exist. I don’t believe there will be the need for printed books, magazines or newspapers. All of that information will be able to be obtained on-line. You will be able to get “The New York Time”, People Magazine” and Nicholas Sparks books all on line. There will be so much media online that many people will be on media overload. People will be attached to their computers and not their families. People are not going to have any form of communication without the use of a social networking or a cell phone. Face to face communication, body language and physical contact will not exist. Communication skills will not exist because of technology. How sad is that? What will happen to family dinners, friends and family time? We won’t know how to interact with people unless it is through technology.

My Life:

My life in 2035 is going to be different then it is now being in college in the year 2010. In 2035, I will be 45 years old probably married with children. I will hopefully be living in New York City with a job in Fashion Public Relations/Advertising. But when I think of that now and know what technology has been doing I know that it will be difficult. In the field of “COMMUNICATIONS” there will be no inter-personal communication. Technology may over take the world and may also destroy the world of ‘communication.’ Hopefully, even with the technological advances that are to come in the future PR/Advertising will still be up and running.

TTYL, Hopefully our FUTURE is brighter then we think in the year 2035.

Day 3 and 4: NO MEDIA!?!?!

Two days without media. That is crazy (my first thought of the assignment). For the past two days I have tried my hardest to keep media off my mind. I tried not running to my computer as soon as I walked into my room. I tried not to turn on the television as I was getting ready for class. I tried not to use my Blackberry. I tried not to pay attention, when my roommate was on her computer, was watching television or texting with her phone. I did it, BUT it was all too hard!

Media surrounds me in my everyday life. With my “blackberry” by my side it is hard not to check what’s going on while walking through campus. You would almost have to be blind and deaf not to be exposed to media. You can’t avoid it as you walk through your dorm, walk across campus or even walking through the classroom halls and the Student Union. There is media all around you. It is posted on the walls, on billboards and you can hear phones ringing, as well as radios and televisions through the doors in your dorm. While in the union or even while in class you can be influenced with media without even trying. There are ads surrounding you, with every turn you make. Union=ads for “Tigerthon” (24 hour dance-a-thon) as well as many other ads. Class=PowerPoint lectures. Meaning there is no way of avoiding it.

Every day new forms of media are introduced.  With the new emails, and the new Facebook notifications it is all too hard to block it from your mind and your life. Not knowing what is going on in the world, made me feel uncomfortable. In addition, my phone is like my third hand, it’s like it is attached to me or something. I guess this is something that has just become a habit. Technology and the media is something that we depend on. When we don’t have exposure to the media, we seem to feel as if something is missing, well at least I do.

Living in New Jersey, I am at least 3 hours away from my family. It is very hard for me not to be near them considering it’s the first time I have ever been so far away from home. But with a phone call, a text, an email, Skype and Oovoo, my family is really just a click away. It is just that easy to have a sense of home/family. Once again, without media my family and friends, life would just be “lonely” and I would be out of touch. I would feel like there was always something missing. My mom also went to school in Maryland. I don’t know how she stayed in touch with her family and friends. She didn’t have the media advantage that I have today. She called home one day a week and that was it. I knew that I relied on mass media to keep in touch, but I didn’t realize how much and how lucky I am to have it in my life.

For the past two days I have tried my hardest to not be exposed to all the media that influences me. What is going on, on Facebook? Without Facebook, internet, phone how am I going to connect with my family, my friends and the world? That sounds dramatic, but personally I never thought that having no media in my life was going to be this hard. But it is has always been a part of my life. I have grown up with technology. Media is everywhere; don’t try to hide from it.

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