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Have you ever looked at someone’s blog and been so intrigued in what they were saying? Well being in Mass Communications for the past four years of my college career I can honestly say that I have read many blogs, and surprisingly many of them have caught my interest. I have always been very interested in social media sites. When I took Mass Communications 101 with Dr. Sandy Nichols, I started my very own blog. Initially, I was confused and did not know how to write one. I believe this was because I only new how to write a formal paper. But once I got the hang of it, I loved writing blogs. Therefore when I found out that Dr. Nichols was teaching another Mass Communications class, Media Criticism, I jumped right on it because 1. She’s an awesome teacher and 2. I knew blogging would be part of the curriculum. By writing and creating a blog, I feel good about sharing my feelings and therefore I feel proud when I push “post.”

Everyone writes differently. It is fascinating to me how different each blog is especially when you are talking about the same topic. It is very interesting to see how one person will take the same information as you and use it with another text and interpret it in his/her own way. Being in a class where blogging is an assignment everyone is writing on the same topics as you are. As a result, we each take the assignment and have to interpret what we are learning in class in our very own way. In this blog post I will be taking three different classmate’s blogs and seeing how they interpreted something differently then I did on the same topics we each had to write about.

First I will be taking Alexa Lazerow’s Blog and analyzing a post in which she wrote about the Kardashians. Alexa and I have very similar views on the media and therefore her opinions are usually very similar to my own. This is why I really enjoy reading Alexa’s blog posts. I can relate to it, I can understand what she is talking about and why she is interpreting the text in the way that she does.  In this blog post she was discussing the Narrative Approach through analyzing an episode of the hit E! Series Keeping up with the Kardashians (Click here to check it out).  Interestingly, I also used the Narrative Analysis in my blog post about Friends. Regardless if you are a girl or a guy I bet you can’t say that you aren’t intrigued by the Kardashian Clan or love the Friends bunch? I think Alexa did an amazing job by using the narrative approach and relating it back to one of the hit series episodes. She really was able to take each part of the story line and explain it by using the Narrative approach. Even though I consider myself a KardashiADICT, I never looked at that episode or the series the same way that Alexa did. For example, she spoke about how there is “girl’s language.”Alexa explained that this is the “everyday language” of girls. Therefore we are able to understand and relate to it much easier and better than other shows. That is if you are a girl. Being that Alexa introduced who the Kardashians are, explained what the Narrative Approach is telling us, and how you can use this approach to relate to this specific episode I think she nailed it.

Next I will be taking a look at Samantha Sherer’s Blog. I will analyze a post she did about what Media Criticism actually is and how we can relate it back to our own lives (Click here to check it out). We learned that media criticism is a field of study in which we as media consumers become an active participant in the mass media process. Samantha took this beginning theory and presented it in her own way that I did not even think about when I was writing by own blog on what media criticism is. I really liked that she used Justin Bieber as one of her examples. She took one of the hottest music stars and presented it to her audience from a different perspective. Samantha showed how much power the mass media has over an ordinary person like Justin. She showed Justin Bieber’s rise to fame. Samantha explained how an ordinary boy who innocently put his video up on YouTube is now all over the magazines, tabloids, televisions and as a result people all over the world are catching the “Bieber Fever.”  What Samantha’s blog questioned is why do we really love Justin Bieber that much? The reason she pointed out is that we don’t even realize with any celebrity that any of us have a fascination with is usually one that we can’t avoid. Whether we are constantly hearing one of there songs or seeing them on the covers of magazines. We are so inundated with the celebrity because as Samantha points out the media makes us.

Finally I took a look at Kelli Coughlan’s Blog and analyzed a post she did on Ideological Criticism and the two films in which we watched in class, Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Child and Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power (Click here to check it out). After watching both of these films, we came to realize how much power the media conglomerates have over us and children all over the world. These corporations don’t only have power they influence us and it is amazing that we all don’t even notice how it is affecting us. Kelli pointed out that kids seem to be growing up way too fast.  What young children are exposed to and know at younger and younger ages is scary. Kelli pointed out that the word “tween” categorizes children from ages 6-12. She stated that it is the “tweens” who the mass media is targeting with new ideas. I commend Kelli for pointing this out in her blog because I didn’t realize how much the media impresses ideas both good and bad on the “tweens.”  Kelli then spoke about how Disney is so “innocent” as did I in my own blog about Disney. It appears that after reading Kellli’s section about the Disney movie that Kelli and I saw things similarly. I think what we both came to the same conclusions. Both of us didn’t realize the impact and the underlying ideas that ALL of the Princess movies had on us. I agree with Kelli that the children these days are growing up much faster that we did. However, they are still not catching the hidden messages that are presented to them by the mass media.

As you can see everyone writes differently. We can all analyze the same topic and there is no right or wrong. Each of us works very hard to intrigue our audience and make them interested in what we are trying to present to them. By being able to read 3 different students’ blogs on the same topic I learned to look at the same information from a new perspective. I choose these 3 people’s blogs to analyze because I know each of them personally. I was curious to find out how they wrote and their views. I also knew that I would be interested in seeing what they had to say on topics and issues that I had also written about. I have to say I’m personally very impressed with each one of the blogs I read. They all offered me some new insight. I think that if I read their blog before I wrote my own, I could have gotten some great ideas. Of course they wouldn’t have been my ideas. I truly enjoy writing blogs and I can tell that that 3 people I chose to analyze do too. I also enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing new perspectives and ways of presenting the same information in different ways. It is interesting that we all learn the same thing at the same time but that does not mean we always will interpret it and present it in the same way.

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