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Consuming Kids

As I watched this film, “Consuming Kids” I realized how very true this is. Kids are the world’s largest consumers by default. With advertisements pushed at them from every angle kids see the products as the hottest new thing out on the market, till the next advertisement comes out a day later.

The kids are targeted each day while watching television with the commercials that are shown in between their programs all they ever are hearing is “buy this, buy this, everyone is going to have it!”

Kids these days are very spoiled they can get what they want and want even more than that. The kids are growing up much earlier with getting things that they shouldn’t be getting till there teens. As I walk through the mall you see these little girls hold purses. Look at Suri Cruise, with each outfit the little girl has a different purse to match another one of her adorable outfits. But what does a 5 year old have to put in a purse? In that purse is usually there little flip phone, with lipsticks. Where are they getting this from though? Why do they need a cell phone at such a young age? The cell phone is probably the biggest thing with the younger age. They feel that because either there “mommy or daddy, older sibling” has one that they are obligated to have one as well. How can the parent then say no if everyone else has one?

Parents are also big problem. To quite there child they buy them products as a reward. Parents will reward there child with things when they do something right. To buy a child’s love is not right. Even going to the super market with a child is advertising for the child not just a chore. Between buying regular Kraft Mac and cheese and Spongebob Mac and cheese there is a big difference. For the child eating Spongebob Mac and cheese is 10x better than regular. But why do they think this? They both taste exactly the same. For kids it’s the characters and the product that makes it different. There is noexplanation on why this kind of food is better to them.

Kids have become the biggest consumers. They are the ones being influenced the most. The advertisements with products surround the kids in everyday life. They are the coolest things out there and with one new product come the next and the next. Each day something new will come out, with a new advertisement, wit ha new consumer.

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