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For an ad to be unethical or offensive is unacceptable. Advertising it is something that should get your attention. However, that attention should be in a positive light. Unethical and offensive advertising is a disgrace to our industry. That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I came across the new PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. The beloved late actress, Golden Girl, Bea Arthur (1922-2009) was staring me right in my face telling me that “she is going to roll over in her grave” over McDonald’s chicken. This is going way too far!

To Whom It May Concern At The PETA Organization:

I am writing to you regarding your newest PETA advertisement showing our beloved and respected Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur will forever be best known as the lovely and eccentric Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak on Golden Girls. However, she also was a lover of animals and an advocate of PETA

Bea Arthur before she passed away had left money for the animal rights organization in her will.  I understand that PETA decided to use Bea Arthur’s gift to mount a campaign against McDonald’s factory-farming practices.  I understand that you stated that “We’re using it to pressure McDonald’s to switch to a less violent, USDA-approved chicken-slaughter method,” and that the ad reads. “With this new system, millions of birds would be spared broken legs and wings and being scaled to death in defeathering tanks.”

What I don’t understand it taking Bea Arthur’s money and making a gimmick out of her death to influence the public. To hear that she would be “rolling over in her grave” to prove a point is disgraceful and disrespectful. Bea Arthur left PETA money because she believed in your organization. She respected you. PETA believes in not being cruel to animals. How could you be so cruel to Bea Arthur? PETA should have known better and put something in their ad that was “classy” like she was. Bea Arthur will forever be a great name in the media and in society. To see her in the type of advertisement in clearly unethical and offensive!


Allison Wachtel

In conclusion, I am not saying that PETA and all their advertisements are offensive and unethical. I actually believe that the type of ads they usually do are very ethical and really show the cruelty to animals that people like Bea Arthur are so against. This is why many stars endorse PETA, which really does catch the public’s attention. But to use Bea Arthur’s death to promote “McCruelty” was just wrong. The ad agency needs to do what’s right for their company but this time they did not do what was ethical and they went too far. Even Perez Hilton, the queen bee of gossip finds this ad insulting. If that’s not telling you that this ad is wrong I don’t know what is?

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