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Generation WHY?

Social networking sites have affected each and every one of us. We are either i-chating with our friends, on Facebook trying to see who is doing what, or we are on twitter “stalking” our favorite celebrities. We are known as Generation Y. But why?

Generation Y also known as the Millennial Generation is all about social networking. We care more about what others are doing than ourselves. I don’t know about you, but when I am doing my homework, the computer is usually open with to a certain social networking site open. When I am checking my Facebook for example, I may say I am just checking it, but you end up being on the site. Just a quick check turns into big time procrastination.

In addition, communication between people has started becoming more technological rather than personal. People are even using “computer talk” in their everyday conversations, such as LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (oh my god), TTYL (talk to you later), and many others. The lingo that is being used to text is now the words that teens understand the most.

The article that I read “Facebook: Good or Bad for Communication” looked at both the positive and negative impact of Facebook. It was interesting to read that Facebook was originally created to improve personal communication. Facebook can have a positive impact in a person’s life. For example, this is true for those people who are separated from their family and friends, those people who are in the armed forces and those people with disabilities who don’t do well with face-to-face contact. Facebook/social networking also helps people who have similar interests share information. However, Facebook does have a negative side. A person’s social development can be negatively affected if there is no face-to-face contact. Social networking does not allow for understanding body language and learning to interpret all types of non-verbal communication. In conclusion, the article states that using social networking in moderation can be a good thing. That if used correctly and not relied on exclusively for communication social networking sites can bring people together and maintain friendships.

I believe that the Millennial generation enjoys the computer and social networking because that is what they are used to. I think that as a generation we still want face-to-face contact but like the speed of the information that can be obtained on line. I believe that our generation has more friends and communicates with them more frequently because there are so many options. We can “instant message”, “text message”, “I-chat”, “Facebook” “twitter’ etc. We can stay in touch no matter where we are. I also believe that some of the Millennial generation is out of control and doesn’t know how to use social networking in moderation. Some of the millennial generation doesn’t not know how to verbally communicate.  Ironically, I noticed the other day, one of the nicest days we’ve had in a long time (March 9, 2010) not many people were even outside. I thought to myself where are all these people? Then I realized that many people would rather be sitting inside on their computers seeing what others are doing than enjoying a nice day outside in the “real world.” I had to ask myself  “whY”?

“Happily Ever After…”

Thinking back to my childhood it makes me smile when I think about all of the Disney movies that I watched.  Believe it or not I remember thinking to myself “I want to be a princess, just like Cinderella”. As a parent one does not realize how a Disney movie can impact their child’s life. All parents think about is that they are allowing their child to share in the “Disney” experience and watch a movie they should really enjoy. The special thing about Disney movies is that “Disney videos promote positive social messages by showing children the importance of honesty, trust, loyalty, fairness and friendship.” Disney movies are shown to children because it will show them that there is both good and bad in life. Children can learn life long lessons that can carry them throughout their lives.

But what parents do not think about is that Disney movies can have an impact on a child’s life as well. Watching movies with the Disney princesses’ children think that this is what I want to be or that is what I want to become. This type of attitude can turn your daughter into a little “princess.”  Especially when your “little princess” wants all of the books, dolls, games, dress-up clothes etc. Disney movies may capture your child’s heart, but over commercialism can capture both the child and the parents. Each new movie comes with a whole new set of toys that each child “must have”.  With television, printed media, advertising and marketing what chance does a family have to not “buy” into all of the merchandising.

When you look back an each of the Disney movies they all seem to have a common theme. From The Little Mermaid (1989) to Cars (2006) the concept of these movies has not changed over the years. Each movie shows a problem and then a solution. It can teach children that they can get through anything if they just work hard at it. I definitely think that these types of movies can change that way a child sees the world.  In addition, all of the Disney movies including the  “princess” movies all have a villain and all have a hero.  I never understood why these movies had to have villains and neither did my parents.  The villain is scary and terrifies the princess. Snow White had The Queen with the Poison Apple, Belle had the Beast, Cinderella had her Stepmother and her stepsisters and Ariel the Mermaid had Ursula. How scary for a young child. The good news is that there is usually a handsome prince that rescues each princess and they fall in love. This message can distort the way a child looks at life and love. Children may grow up thinking that there is always a “Prince Charming” around the corner who will save them and fall in love with them. Just watch the television show  “The Bachelor” all of those women are still looking for their “Prince Charming”. Unfortunately, this is not the way life and love works for most of us. There is not always a “happily ever after”.

I loved all the Disney movies and the music, the characters, and ALL the TOYS that went along with each movie. Growing up with Disney movies was wonderful. Disney movies will never get old or go out of style. Disney movies have and always will be able to influence our children and us for a many more lifetimes.  Unfortunately, we need to learn the difference between fantasy and the real world. However, it is fun to be a child and believe in the “happily ever after”.


Utopian Vision:

Life in the year of 2035, and the world as we see it right now will be completely different. Say “Goodbye” to cars on the ground, talking via cell phone or dare I say it but, “Facebook.” Communications as we now know it will be all taken over by newer and better technology. This will be a dream come true… The world in 2035 as I see it is going to have so much more technology then we have now. Adults don’t always understand why their teens need a blackberry or go on Facebook 24/7. It is because “technology” pulls us in and because we need to communicate.

Many people believe that by the year 2035 that we are going to have cars that fly. No more traffic jams! Cars may be hybrid and/or run on hydrogen energy or solar energy. No more getting lost or asking for directions…. You will be able to give a destination and tell the car where to go and it will get you there. Now we have televisions with DVD players and radios in the car to occupy the children. Who knows what cars will have in 2035?

Texting” as well as phone calls on a cell phone are also going to change. In 2035 everyone will have a cell phone. Cell phones will be inexpensive and affordable. You will have so many applications on your phone that no matter where you are you will be able to contact people and get the information you need. People are going to have things such as visual communication on their phones. This way you can see the person who is either talking or texting you. In addition, you will be able to talk to multiple people at a time allowing you to keep in touch with anyone in the world. Phone conference call will be so high tech that you will feel that all parties are present in the same room when they could be worlds apart.

In the year 2035, technology and computers will be so advanced that you will not have to leave you home. You could work from home, go to school from home, shop from home, and talk to friends and family from home. All of our access to the world can come through the computer. You won’t need to go out and get a newspaper. In addition, Facebook along with all the other social networking sites are going to start to explode. Social Networking systems are going to get so intense that the ones we have now aren’t even going to compare. I believe that we are going to have social networking sites that include everything  you can imagine and even more, like video chatting, the colors, anything you can think of. All ready we have a social networking site, “Second Life.” This site is where a person like you or me can go on a make an avatar of our own self. It is the site of the future. It is a 3D world where you can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat. If you think this is cool, what is the future going to bring?

In addition our homes will be “state of the art.” People will not have to cook, clean, etc. Don’t think maids are going to be around in 2035, but it is all going to be technology advanced. Our washer and dryers are going to be put into one. Our cooking is going to be one push of a button. How simple. No work and ALL play. “Smart Homes” is the best new thing. No more worrying if you turned off the lights or unplugged your hair straightener. With a click online you can turn off/on anything. “Smart homes connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.”

I also believe the world will be more peaceful and calm. Communication will be easier and less expensive. I believe that the technological advances in 2035 will allow nations to communicate more easily because people will be more accessible. People will not be rushing to meetings and feeling stressed because they will be able to communicate and get information much with a touch of a button or switch.

People think that today’s technology is the best. But we are not even close to where technology is going to be in the future. Technology is just going to expand mass communication. People will be able to know everything and anything about everyone. Technology will be the mandated. You will not be able to survive without it. Just like in the cartoon The Jetsons (1962-1963), who lived a futuristic utopia in the year 2062, we may have cars that fly, televisions that allow you to communicate and robots like Rosie that clean your house. It appears that there is no end in sight of where technology is going to take us. Is this good technology or not? Who knows till we get there and see it ourselves?

Dystopian Vision:

In the world 2035, technology will be completely different compared to what I think may happen in the Utopian vision where everything is going well. People may think that all this technology is just way too much. I really think that this may be the end of the world as we know it today. I don’t think people will even leave their homes, because they won’t have to. I don’t think that people will be able to think because they won’t have to. I truly don’t think that people will have relationships and communicate, because they won’t know how too. How sad…

In the year 2035, you won’t have to leave your home. Your home will have all your needs taken care of. You can order your food and clothing online so you don’t have to go shopping. Your kitchen can cook for you and your washing machine/dryer can do your laundry. Children will go to school at home and learn everything they need to know via the computer. Sounds good to you but not to me. Yes, learning math, science, history wasn’t wonderful but what made school so much fun was the friendships that I made. Children will not learn how to verbally communicate and socially interact with their peers. They won’t even know how to play! In addition, what is worse is that their writing skills will be non-existent. Because of text-speak (i.e. lol, omg, gr8, ttyl) children in 2035 will not even know how to write a grammatically correct sentence. Children will not know how to handle day-to-day life without technology. Even in 2010, people cannot even do simple math without the use of a calculator because technology has made it too easy for us. People have gotten lazy. They will use their phone or their computer to text or email someone who is in the next office or in another room at home. Being obese may be a concern, because won’t need to move.

I also believe that in 2035 print media will no longer exist. I don’t believe there will be the need for printed books, magazines or newspapers. All of that information will be able to be obtained on-line. You will be able to get “The New York Time”, People Magazine” and Nicholas Sparks books all on line. There will be so much media online that many people will be on media overload. People will be attached to their computers and not their families. People are not going to have any form of communication without the use of a social networking or a cell phone. Face to face communication, body language and physical contact will not exist. Communication skills will not exist because of technology. How sad is that? What will happen to family dinners, friends and family time? We won’t know how to interact with people unless it is through technology.

My Life:

My life in 2035 is going to be different then it is now being in college in the year 2010. In 2035, I will be 45 years old probably married with children. I will hopefully be living in New York City with a job in Fashion Public Relations/Advertising. But when I think of that now and know what technology has been doing I know that it will be difficult. In the field of “COMMUNICATIONS” there will be no inter-personal communication. Technology may over take the world and may also destroy the world of ‘communication.’ Hopefully, even with the technological advances that are to come in the future PR/Advertising will still be up and running.

TTYL, Hopefully our FUTURE is brighter then we think in the year 2035.

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