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Day 3 and 4: NO MEDIA!?!?!

Two days without media. That is crazy (my first thought of the assignment). For the past two days I have tried my hardest to keep media off my mind. I tried not running to my computer as soon as I walked into my room. I tried not to turn on the television as I was getting ready for class. I tried not to use my Blackberry. I tried not to pay attention, when my roommate was on her computer, was watching television or texting with her phone. I did it, BUT it was all too hard!

Media surrounds me in my everyday life. With my “blackberry” by my side it is hard not to check what’s going on while walking through campus. You would almost have to be blind and deaf not to be exposed to media. You can’t avoid it as you walk through your dorm, walk across campus or even walking through the classroom halls and the Student Union. There is media all around you. It is posted on the walls, on billboards and you can hear phones ringing, as well as radios and televisions through the doors in your dorm. While in the union or even while in class you can be influenced with media without even trying. There are ads surrounding you, with every turn you make. Union=ads for “Tigerthon” (24 hour dance-a-thon) as well as many other ads. Class=PowerPoint lectures. Meaning there is no way of avoiding it.

Every day new forms of media are introduced.  With the new emails, and the new Facebook notifications it is all too hard to block it from your mind and your life. Not knowing what is going on in the world, made me feel uncomfortable. In addition, my phone is like my third hand, it’s like it is attached to me or something. I guess this is something that has just become a habit. Technology and the media is something that we depend on. When we don’t have exposure to the media, we seem to feel as if something is missing, well at least I do.

Living in New Jersey, I am at least 3 hours away from my family. It is very hard for me not to be near them considering it’s the first time I have ever been so far away from home. But with a phone call, a text, an email, Skype and Oovoo, my family is really just a click away. It is just that easy to have a sense of home/family. Once again, without media my family and friends, life would just be “lonely” and I would be out of touch. I would feel like there was always something missing. My mom also went to school in Maryland. I don’t know how she stayed in touch with her family and friends. She didn’t have the media advantage that I have today. She called home one day a week and that was it. I knew that I relied on mass media to keep in touch, but I didn’t realize how much and how lucky I am to have it in my life.

For the past two days I have tried my hardest to not be exposed to all the media that influences me. What is going on, on Facebook? Without Facebook, internet, phone how am I going to connect with my family, my friends and the world? That sounds dramatic, but personally I never thought that having no media in my life was going to be this hard. But it is has always been a part of my life. I have grown up with technology. Media is everywhere; don’t try to hide from it.

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